Our Lady of Snows Kallikulam Parish

Kallikulam is a parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tuticorin. It comprises of five villages Kallikulam, Soundrapandiapuram, Rayappapuram, Vandalampadu, and Arulanandapuram. As the largest of the five villages which comprise the parish, Kallikulam gave its name to this extensive Roman Catholic parish.

As early as 1700 AD, people inhabited Kallikulam and formed small Christian community with the help of Jesuits. On 1771 a small thatched church was built. As catholic population increased, this church was enlarged by Fathers Martin and Mossette on 1838. The present day church was built on 1885. On 1910, St. Michael's church was built. On 1920, St. Antony's church was built.

Earlier Kallikulam had been a substation of Anaikarai parish. On 1885, it became an independent parish. According to historical records of 1914, Kallikulam had 16 substations. The first priest of this parish was Rev.Father Victor Delbak.

On 1926, Kizhavaneri one of the substations of Kallikulam became an independent parish with 7 substations (Pandarakulam, Achampadu, Anaikulam, Pudur, Pudukudiyiruppu, Arupuli, and Madapuram). On 26th June 1973, Duraikudiyiruppu another substation of Kallikulam became an independent parish with 5 substations.

On 1900 a church was constructed in Soundrapandiyapuram. The Patron Saint is St. Aloysius. On 1948 a church was constructed in Rayapparpuram. The Patron Saint is St. Peter. On 1932 a church was constructed in Arulanandapuram and the Patron Saint is St. Joseph. On 1976 a church was constructed in Vandalampadu and the Patron Saint is St. Joseph.

The current resident priest is Rev.Father. Antonydas and his assistant is Rev.Father. T.Amalan. These priests conduct religious service in all villages in the parish. Apart that they manage the schools and other educational institutions run by Jesuit.

So far 29 priests served in this parish. They are...

Rev.Fr. Victor Delbak - 1885-1887
Rev.Fr. Adaikalam - 1887-1889
Rev.Fr. Martin Pamal - 1889-1891
Rev.Fr. Peter Prune - 1891-1898
Rev.Fr. Martin Pamal - 1898-1910
Rev.Fr. Michael - 1910-1911
Rev.Fr. Emelemas - 1912-1913
Rev.Fr. Maria Arputhanathar - 1914
Rev.Fr. Causannel - 1915-1922
Rev.Fr. Arulsamy - 1922-1923
Rev.Fr. Causannel - 1924-1928
Rev.Fr. Swaminathar - 1928-1930
Rev.Fr. Marianus - 1931-1940
Rev.Fr. Maria Manickam - 1940-1944
Rev.Fr. Payapalli - 1944-1959
Rev.Fr. Stanislaus - 1959-1962
Rev.Fr. Cruz Marian - 1962-1970
Rev.Fr. Liguori Pancras - 1971
Rev.Fr. Payapalli - 1971-1972
Rev.Fr. Cruz Antony - 1972-1977
Rev.Fr. Stanislaus - 1977-1984
Rev.Fr. Mariadas - 1984-1989
Rev.Fr. Devarajan - 1989-1994
Rev.Fr. Barnabas - 1994-1998
Rev.Fr. Joseph Christian - 1998-2000
Rev.Fr. Xavier Arulraj - 2000-2001
Rev.Fr. Segaran - 2001-2006
Rev.Fr. Irudayaraja - 2006 -2009
Rev.Fr. Antonydas - 2009 -

The Jesuits are the cornerstones of this Parish. They preserved the Catholic faith in this parish for centuries. Since 1700 AD, Jesuits are doing noble service to this parish and the people.